Warehouse Distribution Services

SalSon’s warehouse distribution features include customer service and supply chain engineers who help you meet your bottom line, in addition to our 500 power units, more than 1,200 trailers, and fleet of company-owned chassis. We work to help you exceed your business goals, handling your shifting needs and requirements.

Our distribution services also include:

  • 24/7 shipping and receiving availability
  • Backup generators and redundant facilities
  • Cross-dock truck & rail
  • Export and consolidation
  • Heavyweight-authorized, on-port location
  • Highly skilled drivers and store delivery
  • Inventory & process management
  • JIT team & production environment
  • Maximized efficiency of client’s transportation network
  • On-site logistics managers
  • Plant warehousing (on-site warehouse management)
  • Pool distribution
  • Private fleet replacement
  • Reverse logistics
  • Seasonal overflow management and space
  • Transload

For more information about our warehousing services, fill out our Rapid Response form or contact us.